Time Out When I try open one session of the local broker in my pc

I have installed ES 4.1.1 on Windows XP/Pentium IV/512 ram.
I have space in my hard disk. In the Task Manager appear the
awbroker.exe file consuming the 99% of the cpu.
What Can I do?
In another PC with WIN2K the same thing happens.


Pentium 4 is a known issue, and I am not finding the
information on the wmusers archive.
I did however find it on the ITTOOLBOX list

Hopefully this helps you

Mark Mitchell

Thanks Mark, but I did and not run. But is not only in my pc that have Pentium IV, also ocurr in a pc with Pentium III and 512MB ram.
Do you know other alternative?
thanks again.
Marta Roca

I think there was an issue with 4.1.x and Win2k and/or XP. Do a search of the forums, here and on Advantage, to see if there was a discussion about this.