Broker_create error

Hi all,

i got a problem. On a win2000 host i tried to install, starting from a clean OS configuration, the Pentium4 version of activeworks 4.1.1.

I got this error during the creation of the broker:

"broker_create.exe produced the following output: uneble to open connection to host localhost. Error connect (code=10061) was reported by socket call.

Does anybody help me?


First of all the Integration Server is actually the new name for the B2B server. You might want to repost this in the Enterprise Server forum.

Your error indicates that you can’t connect to the enterprise server. You might be specifying the wrong post when connecting. Which port did you configure for the Enterprise Server during install? Remember that the Enterprise Server is the process that runs on a machine listening to a specific port. Brokers run inside an enterprise server.

Another possible problem might have to do with the machine you are trying to create the broker from. Based on your error message you are trying to create a broker on your localhost, which may not be the same macine as the win2000 you installeded ActiveWorks 4.1.1.

Andreas Amundin

Usiing the adminmanager console create a new broker with the default name broker#1 and then start the server and broker from ur control panel,it should work.

Hope it may help u


Does anyone know if activework 3.1.1 will work with Win2K? My team has been using webmethod 3.1.1 on winNT. Our app recently need to migrate to win2k. After I install Activeworks on win2k(installation seems to be fine, can see activework running as services), all configurations I try to do to the activwork can not be saved. It just timesout eventually. Does anyone have a clue what is going on?