the pricing of Tamino

I just came across to know that the pricing of Tamino is sky-high! :confused:
~20 times more than Oracle. :eek:
>US100,000 per CPU!! our systems got 12 CPUs ==> US1.2million!!!
why don’t we save the money to buy a super-computer!

is there something wrong w/ Software AG 's marketing? or anyone can tell me why it worth US1.2million. :confused: :confused: :eek:

this is software ag marketing speaking.
i certainly do not know where your pricing information comes from but it is wrong.
tamino is priced very competitively on a per CPU basis. please contact software ag in your country for a quote for your specific system.
the oracle price you quote is one option they have: a per user license for small projects. there is no comparing these prices. for their prices prices pls check with oracle, to my knowledge they charge at least 40k usd per cpu (no options included for the enterprice version).
sorry, no super computer …
best regards
software ag marketing

the pricing info. is from HK office.

We are asking for SUN SOLARIS version. we got a quote (after educational discount) is ~US40K (2 CPUs w/ developement kit). I am wondering if we need to pay $US100K/CPU for futher upgrade.

Moreover, it is impossible to sell Tamino at US40K to commercial (too expensive). IN order to penerate to a new market which all companies use M$ SQL, SYbase, ORACLE, no company would like to ‘change’ their existing DB server to a new one, esp. quite expensive!

P.S. I wish Tamino grows, so this is my advice.