The error in the response doesn't appear return Internal Server Error 500

Hello, how are you? I have encountered a problem in the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment. I have a service that contains a global variable. In the development environment, when I try to run it from Postman for testing, it returns a dump error this is correct response because I removed the global variable . However, in the UAT environment, when I attempt to run the same service from Postman, the error doesn’t appear, but instead, I receive a 500 Internal Server Error

Please note that the service in the UAT and development environments is not the same, and the error is caught in the development environment but not in the UAT environment. Inside the designer, it returns a flow exception."

Hi Mohammad,

please provide more detailed informations about your issue, i.e. wM Version being used, log file extracts from server log and error log from both instances.

Please describe the difference between the two services from DEV and UAT to check what is going on here.



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