Testing webMethods Mainframe


Does anybody have any experience with testing wM MF configurations without the mainframe host being available. The reason for this question is that during certain times of our development / unit test cycle, we will not have access to the mainframe host and in order to test this, we may need to stub or emulate the mainframe host so that we can test a transaction from end-to-end including the webMethods mainframe configuration. We are using TCP/IP (CICS Sockets) for host connectivity.

The focus of the question is:

  • Does anybody have an approach to emulating the host so that wM MF can be tested as a unit?
  • Has anybody developed a test harness for this purpose?


I went to a training class once at Wall Data where we used a government mainframe for some basic exercises connecting to a mainframe. We used the Library of Congress mainframe. This might be a good way to practice connecting to a mainframe without using cycles on your production machine. In webMethods Mainframe you would use connection type 3270e. Try to telnet to this address: telnet.loc.gov
You may have to get permission to go thru the firewall at your company to this public mainframe.

“LOCIS is the Library of Congress’s mainframe-based collection of databases including a public access catalog of bibliographic information, federal legislation, copyright registered works, braille and audio materials, guides (e.g., Science Tracers Bullets) and organization descriptions, and foreign law abstracts. LOCIS databases are available for limited hours.”

What are the other settings for the Library of Congress mainframe, e.g. number of End-Bracket-Indicator Count, etc?

We are deploying webMethods mainframe to access the CICS application on mainframe over CICS socket host type. In reviewing the wM supplied document, I have noticed there is no documentation on the package “wmMainframe” and “wmMainframeSamples”; neither the pdf for Mainframe Developer Guide nor the one on the built-in services mention any of the services contained in these package. Can anyone point me to the place where I can get the necessary documentation? Any other help would be greatly appreciated.

you can find the necessary documenation,userguides by logging into this site.



I have visited the site advantage.webmethods.com and have done a searche on “Mainframe”, but all I could find are the PDFs that I already have, namely MFAdministratorGuide.pdf and MFDeveloperGuide.pdf. Any idea?


Oops…Earlier it used to have there…

Anyways have you searched under packages/wmMainframe or wmMainframeSamples Doc file folder structure in the webmethods installed location?

Please contact wm tech support for a quick resolution or email to support@webmethods.com.



The MFDeveloperGuilde.PDF is installed in my developer_dir\doc folder. The MFAdministratorsGuide.PDF was located in my is_dir\packages\WmMainframe\doc folder.

I don’t see any PDF’s in the WmMainframeSamples package, but there are some notes in the index.html document located in that package’s pub folder.



Using VMWare you can test mainframes performences by using any webmethods easily.
for this purpose you have to install VMware on your system and then make a connection from your system to mainframes.
the connection string can be used from COBOL and you can access database.
Mainframes testing installation is non invasive and only require standard mainframe components such as JCL, ReXX and z/OS functions.