Testing tool

Are there any readymade generic tool available for testing integrations developed using WebMethods platform?
If not I would like to have views from your experiences sort of wish list if somebody tries to develop it what all things would be reuired in it.


Hi Sam77,

There’s a testing tool approved by webMethods, it’s name is LoadRunner from Mercury.


Thanks Malonado,
But what I could gather from their website is LoadRunner is basically for Load testing.
What I am intrested in is some tool to simulate backend systems without having backend systems.for e.g Testing integration with SAP withought having SAP assuming that SAP will take request correctly and give desired response.
It may look like some sily question but will such thing help?


>What I am intrested in is some tool to simulate backend systems
>without having backend systems.for e.g Testing integration with SAP
>withought having SAP

Sam - for integration testing, if you don’t have a system available, you will probably have to write your own tools that simulate that interface. I had to do that myself - write scripts to simulate a C1 marketsite responses, another for the Ariba marketplace, etc - because we cannot depend on those remote system being available for testing how we need them.

I’ve also had good experiences with the JMeter open-source testing tool:
This tool is useful for both integration and load testing.

Here’s an example of a JMeter script that tests xCBL 3 documents:

  • It posts an xCBL document to our TN receive service.
  • It sleeps a 2 seconds
    <By then, the xCBL document has been transformed correctly to
    our backend document format.>
  • It then makes a query to TN, asking for the transformed document
  • It analyses this document to make sure the xCBL -> backend format
    transformations took place correctly.

Sam77 Check out the link page under Solstice Software. The message based testing tools enables you with the ability to test across webMethods and simulate responses from unavailable systems.

Thanks Jim,
This is what exactly I was looking for…

I had a chance to have a review and demonstration of the Solstice test platform and it is fantastic.

The interesting piece was the simulation of unavailable systems. The other added bonus is that it will drill down to individual objects in flow so you can hone-in on specific areas or problems.



Where did you see the demo?

On a webex with one of the guys from the company. I will have another webex tomorrow with them. The client I am with currently is reviewing the software.

It seems to hold a lot of promise and provides testing facilities and simulation features that are not present in the marketplace.

But, until I actually get my HANDS on it, I will not vouch for it.



How did your meeting go?