Green Hat Tester - Anyone with experience?


We´ve started to look closer att Green Hat Tester to write unit and integration tests as it supports most of the products (and adapters) in the webMethods suite.

Green Hat Tester: [URL][/URL]

Until now we´ve been using SoapUI alot, but as our environment grows we feel that we need something more comprehensive.

Does anyone have any experience of Green Hat Tester?
I´ve looked at a video of a quick demo and read the white papers, but as always it sound more like a sales pitch :wink:

Here is a list a few requirements, don´t know if GHT supports all of it

  • Support for Web services built on .Net and WCF?
  • Automatic WS input generation (like SoapUI)?
  • Save output from a specific service (and field) and reuse that value(s) as input for another service?
  • Writing custom services (in c/c++/java/.net) to perform operations on data?
  • Define asserts
  • Scheduling of regression tests (GHT probably supports this)
  • Reports by email (GHT probably supports this)

Best regards,

Dear Mikael,
All of these things are possible, quick and easy with our product, no need to write xpath or other code. Once again, Green Hat will be the only testing vendor invited by Software AG to exhibit with them at CeBIT in 2011. Our team here will be happy to arrange reference calls for you with Software AG customers using GH Tester on their projects.

Sound good, but I would really like an opinion from someone not working at Green Hat. You know - “everything that glitters is not gold”, unless you ask a sales guy :wink:

Basically, I´m looking for an opinion from someone who is not biased.

Best regards,

Mikael Its true that all these are possible to do using GH Tester. I have worked on these before. Thanks Prasanth Koli.

Hi Mikael,

I have been working on GH Tester for 2 years now, and yes most of the requirements mentioned by you are supported by GH. Since GH Tester is built on 4GL, it requires almost no coding, and a lot of inbuilt functions, also you could write a custom function and call those function in your test cases.
I have written and defined a lot of assert functions, using GH to run regression test suite, reports can be configured and saved or mailed to your email address.

Let me know if anything in particular you are looking for, I will try to answer if I know it.


wow great thanks for the offerings:

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