Testing service in webMethods Developer


I have written simple java service which use some 3rd party jar. I put that jar in IntegrationServer\lib\jars. The only thing java service is doing is calling constructor of some class (from jar), and putting result into pipeline.

I can successfully test that service from web gui at localhost:5555, but every time i try to test it from webDeveloper result is null.
I was trying to put external jar on webMethods Developer classpath, but this didn’t help. Did some have similar problem?
Can it be fixed?

I’m using webMethods 6.1.


your description of problem is not very clear. You get null where, result, WM Developer thow null Exception or nul in Server/error log?

You can try placing that jar file into your package where the service calling it lives in /code/jars and reload that package and try it.

Note typically external jars have no effect on Developer, they are required to be visible to IS. Your null problem is defenately not caused by Developer not seeing that jar.

There can be several other possibilities depending on what your service use as input like forexample InputStream objects or binary objects like Images can be handled by Java services but in debug mode on Developer you cannot manuallu create them.

I get null in developers results view. But only when I’m testing from developer, when I test service from web gui at localhost:5555 I see results - something like ‘test.bleble.obj.A@d36441’.

I’m testing service which creates new test.bleble.obj.A instance and puts it into pipeline.

Service takes 2 integers and string, i can’t input integers while testing in developer but this is not a problem - these parameters are not required.

I started developer from console and during testing I get:
2007-04-10 09:41:01 CEST [ISC.0076.0005E] BinCoder decode error creating Java serialized object. Excpt:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: test…
It’s a pity It’s not visible in developer gui.

When I include my jar with A.class on developer classpath it started working - I can see expected value in result view.

thanks for help,