Testing individual Widgets behind a coporate proxy-server

Hi there!

We are working behind a corporate proxy-server and would like to test our individual widgets on the
developer environment.

After starting the testinstance with c8ycli
c8ycli server --url [CUMULOCITY-INSTANCE]
we are getting the following error:
[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /tenant/loginOptions from localhost:9000 to [CUMULOCITY-INSTANCE] (ETIMEDOUT) (Errors | Node.js v19.5.0 Documentation)

Trying to log into the tenent using
does not work either.

Is there a posibility to configure the proxy with a parameter while starting the testinstance (c8ycli server …)?
Are there other ways getting this work done?

Best regards,

Hi Oliver,

the problem is the proxy here. Cumulocity does not work with such a setup at the moment.

best regards