Terracotta windows service disappearing

Hi All,

We are running Terracotta Enterprise on windows.
Sometimes after a server restart the windows service has been removed, we have to recreate it again and then everything works OK, has anyone else come accross this issue ?



A disappearing service isn’t something we’ve experienced.


Check the wrapper.log file and the Windows event logs to see if you can determine what is responsible for the service removal.


With BigMemory, version 3.5.22 of the Tanuki Wrapper is used to manage the Windows service for the BigMemory server instance. As you probably know, tsa-service install is used to install the service and tsa-service remove is used to delete the service. Using BigMemory code, tsa-service remove is the only way the service definition is deleted. Both creation and removal of the service through tsa-service are logged in wrapper.log.

Is the service definition actually missing? Or is it disabled and just not startable? It is possible for the service to become disabled if there was an error starting the application.

Assuming tsa-service remove isn’t being used, there are a few other ways the service can be removed (which, of course, won’t be logged in wrapper.log) – Windows commands like sc and alteration of the Windows registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services…) are the most direct. It’s also possible that your anti-virus is interfering with the service definition in some way. If the Windows API was used to remove the service (either through the tsa-service script or via Windows command), then there should be one or more events in the Windows event log related to the removal. Likewise, if anti-virus was involved, there should be a record of that in whatever logs your anti-virus keeps.

If you’re using an older Windows system, it’s also possible you’re falling into a trap set by “Last Known Good Configuration”. I understand that Windows 10 and better systems no longer have this but it’s possible for older systems to lose configuration details set since since the last boot by reverting back to the configuration extant at the last boot. I’m not real familiar with the circumstances under which this can occur but I understand the configuration loss can be somewhat “mysterious”.


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