Integration Server is shutdown when Terracotta is shutdown.


I set up 2 integration servers in a cluster using Terracotta.
When Terracotta server was shutdown by mistake, 2 integration servers were also shutdown.
If Terracotta server doesn’t bring up again, clustered integration servers also never bring up.
Is this normal behavior?

No there shouldn’t be any link with the Terracotta array being down which IS will be down…Can you run this behavior with SAG support also as some thing sounds missing in your configuration.


What core fix and terracotta version are you in? It might be a problem with older version of terracotta that you have installed, or IS Core Fix 11 has a problem with terracotta… If you are in IS Core Fix 11, downgrade it to Core Fix 8 (thats where we went to), and try starting the server…


Thanks for your inputs.
However, my description on the issue was wrong.
Let me describe the situation again.
2 servers are in a cluster using terracotta.
Although Terracotta array server is down, 2 integration servers are working fine except clustering.
When I restart the integration servers while Terracotta server is down, it fails to bring up with following error.

jvm 1 | Jan 20, 2014 1:47:13 PM
jvm 1 | WARNING: Failed to process OOB file-change event on file ‘C:\Software
jvm 1 | Jan 20, 2014 1:47:13 PM
jvm 1 | WARNING: Failed to process OOB file-change event on file ‘C:\Software
jvm 1 | [p2] Mon Jan 20 13:47:42 KST 2014 - [System Bundle Shutdown] Unsaved
preferences when shutting down org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.metadata.reposito
jvm 1 | OSGi framework stopped.
jvm 1 | Exception in thread “Thread-82” java.lang.IllegalStateException: Bund
leContext is no longer valid
jvm 1 | at
jvm 1 | at
jvm 1 | at com.softwareag.eda.nerv.impl.util.component.ComponentRecovery
jvm 1 | at
jvm 1 | Bootstrap: Remote shutdown is disabled.
wrapper | ← Wrapper Stopped

If I remove watt.server.cluster.tsaURLs value, Integration Server can bring up without any error.