Error While Starting Terracotta 4.3.3 server

Hi Team,

I am getting the below error while trying to enable the windows service for TSA.

Unable to connect to host “x.y.z.x” , port 9540. Are you sure there is a Terracotta server instance running there?

Do we need to provide any permissions to the port for this?

Abir Banerjee

Check if your TS is up and running by running the below command:

2017-07-20 13:53:37,219 INFO - Terracotta Enterprise, as of 20170315-0
92813 (Revision 27135 from tc-4.3.4) OK
Mahesh-PC.role: ACTIVE
Mahesh-PC.port: 9540 name: default-group

Assuming you have the default tc-config.xml file

Try to shut down and start the array using the command line.Make sure that the name of the terracotta server is the same as the hostname,else you need to explicilty provide the name of the server using the -n swithc( and -f <tc-config.xml> to provide the config file name)