Terracotta server configuration issue

We have 2 Terracotta server arrays , we want to have one as active and one as passive.

Added Tc-config.xml file to specify the 2 servers information and restarted the servers.

First Node started as Active node and second TC node also is trying to start in Active mode.

I see the error that "Rquesting node to Quit(firstNode)… and then shutting down the TC Server because there cannot be more than one active.

how to fix or solve this split-brain scenario?


Sam – Please share your tc files also which wM version you are on ?


Please prove more error logs and provide the commands that how you are executing terracotta servers.

Also provide the OS details.

how did you create your tc-config file?

did you copy it from documentation?

If you are using complimentary terracotta license then you need to set one server in active and another in passive. i may be wrong, but this is my understanding.

go through below document. it has good information for you to get going.