Terracotta - IS Cluster

If we have a Terracotta Server Array with 5 Stripes , Can we use the same instance of Terracotta server group(Stripes) to cluster IS ?

Does Integration Server Clustering need only an instance of Terracotta or can we use the TSA group to cluster Integration Server?

Sam, though I don’t know ans still I want to know IS version which is required to answer your question by someone.


If you already own licenses to those 5 stripes, then I imagine you could use it however you wanted, even to cluster the IS. Your sales rep should be able to answer that for you though.

Now, for the sake of separation of concerns, I would probably stand up an additional active/passive mirror to support the IS cluster only. It’s free. Yes, you will have another TSA to manage, but I think you will be happier knowing that issues with your 5 stripes won’t impact the IS’s and vice versa.

I currently have an installation where I use a single active/passive TSA to cluster two IS’s and two Optimize Analytic Engines, and there have been times where issues with Optimize have brought the entire TSA down, inadvertently affecting the IS’s. I now plan on breaking them up so I have separate TSA’s for Optimize and IS.



What are those 5 strips used for? It should be a Big Memory that holds large amount of data for other applications to store/retrieve data. Now, is IS one of those applications that needs access to those data?

If the purpose of using TC for IS is only clustering need, then you could just have 1 TSA with 1 active & 1 passive, and have all your IS in cluster use this TSA.


Hi All,

If i want to set monitoring for terracotta clustering then do we have any command which helps me to get cluster availability? So by using that command I can automate my monitoring.

Hi Masroor,

You can use TMC API for monitoring purpose.

Thank you Yogesh for response…

But I need to set auto alerts from Tivoli when any IS leave Terracotta cluster.
Every time I can’t monitor using TMC.
Please provide any command in which I can set in my Tivoli.

Thank you…

Try the Terracotta Management Rest API.
The Topology api looks promising