Terracotta cluster in production as part of upgrade / migration from v9.5 to v 9.7 for IS


I am trying to configure Terracotta cluster in production as part of upgrade / migration from v9.5 to v 9.7 for IntegrationServer and while starting the Terracotta server, I am getting an error as below. TC version is 4.1.4.

g.terracotta.license.LicenseException: Your license key doesn’t allow usage of ‘server array offheap’ capability
at com.tc.license.LicenseManager.verifyCapability(LicenseManager.java:101)
at com.tc.license.LicenseManager.verifyServerArrayOffheapCapability(LicenseManager.java:128)
at com.tc.server.TCServerImpl.validateEnterpriseFeatures(TCServerImpl.java:208)
at com.tc.server.TCServerImpl.(TCServerImpl.java:159)
at com.tc.server.EnterpriseServerImpl.(EnterpriseServerImpl.java:55)
at com.tc.server.EnterpriseServerFactory.createServer(EnterpriseServerFactory.java:21)
at com.tc.server.TCServerMain.main(TCServerMain.java:29)

I understand the tc-config.xml has gone through some changes and still confused as how we are going to configure the single mirror group as i assume in version 4.1.4 has some diff way. as of now my tc-config.xml contains single server config under the servers and nothing else. Not sure if the issue is with the configuration file or licensing…

Any help on this would be highly appreciated as i am stuck with this issue since last two days.


Hi Manish,

This error comes up when you are using license which DOESN’T has capabilities for “server array offheap”. Please check your license by opening it in a text editor and check for line starting with “Capabilities:”, this will tell you what are the capabilities of your license.

AFAIK normally if it is “BigMemory Go” flavour, then your license would NOT have capabilities for “server array offheap”. If so, it is better to get “BigMemory Max” flavour of Terracotta, where in you will have capabilities of “server array offheap”, which you are looking for.

In page, http://terracotta.org/documentation/3.7/more/license-files#15271 under section “Verifying Products and Features”, it is explained how to check for features and products supported in license


Hi Chandra,

Thanks for the help!

Even though we are not using the “ array offheap” capability, it needed to get the TC license rewritten in case of upgrade from 3.7.6 to 4.1.4.

We got the license rewritten and it resolved the issue.

Thanks again!


Manish: Kindly reach SAG to get the solution and update us on the same.