Telnet to Broker

Has anyone tried to Telnet to the Broker to check the status (or any other task)? You can open a telnet session to the broker (well, it appears to make a connection), but what would be the commands to simply check the status of it?

I’m looking for a simple way to confirm a server can connect to a Broker hosted on a remote server as part of a network/firewall configuration test.

I’m attempting this on a 7.1.2 Broker running on a Windows 2008 server.


Just use broker ping, there is a ping executable located with the broker binaries, documentation can be found in the broker admin guide. You may want to check the other command line tools delivered as well.

Thanks for the info. However, my idea was to do this in a way where I wouldn’t have to copy the webMethods Broker binaries/libraries to the remote machine to do this.