TECHniques - Issue 2, 2024

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We’re thrilled to share with you a portion of articles that cover hot topics in the fields of IoT & Аnalytics, Containerization, Adabas & Natural, Business and IT Transformation together with inspiring customer stories and Tech Community updates.

Hot Topic

IUG Conference 2024 – Recordings and presentations now available
By Tina Frey, Sr Manager, Global Events, Software AG

Catch up on the latest insights from the IUG Conference 2024 with recordings and presentations now available. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover cutting-edge innovations and industry trends presented by leading experts.

North America Adabas & Natural Virtual User Group - May 2024
By Nicole Ritchie, Director, Product Marketing, Adabas & Natural, Software AG

The North America Adabas & Natural Virtual User Group recap for May 2024 showcases a roundup of insightful discussions, presentations, and success story highlights from the event.

Release Highlights in 11
By Bridget Cleary, Customer Success Director, Software AG

Join us for an informative discussion with the webMethods product management team and dive into the recent updates of our iPaaS offerings introduced over the past few months.

What’s New

“The best stories are yours” series – part 8
By Customer Advocacy Marketing, Software AG

Learn how our customers have enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined process management, and improved IT governance, ensuring reliability and compliance.

Cumulocity IoT Edge 10.18 Release
By Nick Ponomar, Product Manager IoT & Analytics, Product Management IoT Platform, Software AG

The latest version of Cumulocity IoT Edge (10.18) is now available, offering new features and improvements including remote application and microservices management, K8s native monitoring, offline installation and deployment of applications, and more.

Techie Deep Dive

How to connect a microcontroller to Cumulocity IoT via LwM2M
By Yishu Zhong, Associate Solution Architect, IoT Solution Architects EMEA & NAM, Software AG

Use the LwM2M protocol to seamlessly integrate your microcontroller with Cumulocity IoT. This tutorial streamlines the procedure so that your IoT solutions can manage devices and connect more effectively.

Dynamic Mapper - Map (MQTT) device data in a zero-code approach!
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Find out how the Dynamic Mapper allows you to map MQTT device data effortlessly with a zero-code approach. Simplify your data integration process and accelerate your IoT projects without writing a single line of code.

Navigating Through the Container Orchestration Jungle with Your webMethods Deployments
By Angel Tcholtchev, Manager, Product Management, Integration & API, Software AG

This detailed guide will help you understand the complexity of container orchestration for webMethods deployments. Explore through best practices, tips, and strategies to streamline and optimize your deployment processes.


webMethods Community Champions Q1 2024!
By Borislav Hristov, Marketing Specialist, Global Customer Marketing, Software AG

Celebrate the achievements of our webMethods Community Champions in Q1 2024. Meet the dedicated individuals who have made major contributions and learn about their effect on the community.

The IoT Community Awards 2024 - Let’s play a game!
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Get ready for the IoT Community Awards 2024 and join in on the fun with our interactive game. Celebrate innovation and excellence in the IoT field by participating and supporting your peers.

IoT Hackathon 2024 Highlights!
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Dive into the highlights of the 2nd IoT Hackathon at the IUG Conference 2024 in Dublin. Discover the innovative solutions, standout teams, and key moments from this exciting event that brought together the brightest minds in IoT.

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