It’s the year 2021 and the Software AG Tech Community website is still not available ?

Can somebody give us a possible target date for WHEN it will be available again.

Note: Inside Natural One you have URLs that point to the Tech Community website but all I get back now is : We have been hacked in Oct 2020 and junior is still looking for the backups.



I don’t expect any official response, but SAG has restored Empower and the Documentation sites, and the Fix Explorer for fix sets are up and working. Fix Explorer for single fixes is still a bit wonky. EService and TechCommunity are still unavailable, but support requests can still be managed via email (details available multiple places) and I have been using that process successfully.

I imagine this wasn’t just a technical issue as the whole security aspect of this had to be considered. I’d prefer that they don’t put up anything vulnerable for the sake of speed, and I feel they ensured they were providing as much customer service as they could even under a different process where necessary while not risking additional exposure.


Hi Anton,

Yes, this is because, instead of bringing back the Old Tech Community, we decided to introduce a new and better platform. It will have a much better search, more 3rd party integrations, notifications and bookmarks, and will be integrated with the forum. There are more benefits, but they come at the cost of time. Since there was a lot of heterogenous content on the Tech Community, that we don’t want to get lost we started a big endeavor of migrating it, and spent most of the holidays on that. Still it will take some more time, the aim is before EOM.

Can you point me to the Inside Natural One you are looking at and the url-s you need? If they are pdf files I might be able to share them here.

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Inside Software AG Designer 10.5 :

  • Click HELP

  • Click HELP contents

  • Click Software AG Designer Guides

  • Click TIPS, Training and Other Resources


  • Then you will see the following :

Online Information and Support

Software AG Tech Community

You can find documentation and other technical information on the Software AG Tech Community website at

Note: The above URL does not work any more.

The obvious question : If an old URL X that is been used all over the place, do not work any more, why would you want to put better information behind URL Y . Why not ask an “intern” to put something behind URL X, that leads you to URL Y. Making that change will take you 20 minutes.


Hi Toni,

Thanks for coming back to me…
Any feedback with regards a possible target date for the full operation of the Software AG websites are good news.


Hi Toni,

I need the free trial for Naturalone to follow the training. It seems to be on Do you know how I can have it?

Hi @SylvieR,
Sure, you can access it here: Adabas & Natural CE for Docker Download

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