TCP settings in Portal (Application level)


Is there some place where we can modify TCP level settings at the Portal application level so that we can get best performance out of it.


You’ll want to manage the Jetty settings in your config/jetty.xml file.

There’s some information about Jetty Request logging at

That article also includes a link to some Jetty documentation. Most likely you will be tweaking the following xml in the jetty.xml file:

<Call name="addListener">
        <New class="org.mortbay.http.SocketListener">
            <Set name="Port"><SystemProperty name="portal.http.port" default="-1"/></Set>
            <Set name="Host"></Set>
            <Set name="PoolName">P1</Set>
            <Set name="MinThreads"><SystemProperty name="portal.http.minthreads" default="10"/></Set>
            <Set name="MaxThreads"><SystemProperty name="portal.http.maxthreads" default="80"/></Set>
            <Set name="lowResources">50</Set>
            <Set name="MaxIdleTimeMs">30000</Set>
            <Set name="LowResourcePersistTimeMs">2000</Set>
            <Set name="acceptQueueSize">0</Set>
            <Set name="ConfidentialPort"><SystemProperty name="portal.https.port" default="-1"/></Set>
            <Set name="IntegralPort"><SystemProperty name="portal.https.port" default="-1"/></Set>


Thanks Mark.

Do I have to make changes to the AJP13 listener as well, to get the maximum out of it? (TCP and AJP are dependent, correct?)

Ok… please confirm on this … the AJP13 is used for communication with an external web server. Since we use only Jetty, I will not need to configure any settings for this, correct?


You’re absolutely correct. AJP13 is just used when ‘fronting’ Jetty with a WebServer.