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I’m involved in an EDI Project, with UN/EDIFACT Standards 96A, 96B and 99B.
We might have requirements to Batch Invoices to some customers in the UK. According to what I’ve read, when batching invoices, you have to include a TAXCON message for tax purposes.

I could only find this message for version 99B, in the EDI Module. Does this mean that customers trading under other standards do not need it?

How can I do this in TN? I know how the Batching process works in the EDI Module, but this is not done automatically.
I would really appreciate help in this. Has anyone implemented a solution with INVIOC and TAXCON messages.

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Do you mean TAXCON doctype is not showing for EDIFACT 96A, 96B versions in the IS/WmEDI page under doctype selection??

If not you may have to contact wM Tech support to find out if EDI Module4.x or 6.x supporting the TAX message or is there any fix for EDIModule to build this transaction.


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The TAXCON message is not part of the EDI Module because it is not part of the 96A and B spec. See this webpage for details:
You’ll see which specs it’s also available.
In Advantage there was also a post about this:

Has anyone had to batch UN/EDIFACT invoices with a TAXCON message, using the EDI Module Batch services.

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I was doing some Proof of Concept, while waiting for some response from anyone.
After the new batched envelope is created by the EDI Batch, containg a number of Invoices, the Bizdoc will have EDI Batch = Interchange.
Creating a processing rule based on this, the envelope can be processed again to add the TAXCON.
First thing to do it to break down the Env Header, Invoices and Env Trailer.

I used indexOf to find the UNH and UNZ segments. What other way is there to break the interchange?

After processing each Invoice (using convertToValues to create a document type), adding the tax information to the TAXCON document.
ConvertToString will create a taxcon string that can be added to the envelope using pub.string:replace (replacing the “UNZ” with “%strTAXCON%UNZ”). The envelope trailer control number also needs to be added. Using the pub.string:tokenize, pub.string:makeString to change the number and pub.string:replace to replace the old UNZ with the new UNZ.

New question: when resubmiting to TN for delivery, how can I make so that the envelope is not broken down into envelope and Invoices?

Please feel free to reply with you comments and suggestions.

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Sounds like you’re on the right track WRT TAXCON message. The message is defined in 921 and then 99B, nothing in between. You can check it if your IS is running on Unix/Linux,

[INDENT]cd to $IntegrationServer/packages/WmEDI/pub/SEFS/UNEDIFACT,
fgrep TAXCON *.sef | more.[/INDENT]

Anyway, mixing versions in an interchange/group is not a problem, since not every message is defined in every version. Even something common like INVRPT is missing a 911 version, so it’s not uncommon that customers have to mix-and-match different versions to implement the suite of messages they want.

You need to create your own envelope ( with the proper typeId, add the data (, and then store it into TN (

I have a xml document of the following form

</ order>

</ mySAP>

how to extract the </ order> and save it to TN