Tasks that cannot be deleted

I’m using NaturalONE version and I have a problem with tasks. My Tasks view shows TODO tasks for which there is no corresponding comment in the program. Controls to update or delete these tasks are disabled. How do I get rid of these?

Double-click on a task in the view to open the source object. Enter /*TODO on a new line near the original location. Save the object to synchronize the new TODO with the task. Delete the inserted line and Save again. That should remove the task from the view.

That’s a good trick. I seem to recall when you select the task in the task view you could mark it completed???

I tried that and instead of synchronizing it just ended up creating new entries in the tasks view. At first removing all the code from the program seemed to work, but then they started to reappear as soon as I put about a hundred lines back.

I even tried deleting the program and putting it back and the tasks just reappeared.

I believe in the TASK view if you highlight the task and right click in the context menu you should find an option to Mark Completed and another option to deleted completed tasks.

On the context menu, I see “Delete Completed Tasks” is active, but “Mark Completed” and “Delete” are inactive.

That’s right. Mark completed is disabled. Nothing helps.

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