NaturalOne marker and bookmark

I wonder what is a NaturalOne marker and bookmark and how to use it.

These are actually standard Eclipse features, so look in the Eclipse documentation:

Thank you very much, Ronald.

For those who may not wish to research the previously posted link:

In the source editor, open the context menu for the selected line by right-clicking in the marker bar (the vertical bar to the left of the first position of the source line). Select Add a bookmark (or subsequently, Remove bookmark). The bookmark will appear in the Bookmark view, a tab in the Properties view; a bookmark icon (a blue ribbon) will appear in the left side of the marker bar. Double-click an entry in the Bookmark view to go directly to the associated line in the source module, even if the module is not yet open in an editor window.

Thank you Ralph. It is very useful.

About task windows there are two task types.
First one is task and second one is Natural task.
I know how to create the first one but I don’t know how to do a Natural task.
Thank you for your help

Add a TODO or FIXME line to a Natural source to create a Natural Task entry. For example

/* TODO Enter your code here
/* FIXME consider multi-fetch in this instance

Resulting Task View is attached.

Thank you very much.
I would like to add /* DebugMe … Natural task, for instance.
Please, help.


you can define your own Tags:


General->Editors->Structured Text Editors->Task Tags

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Markus Wessjohann

This didn’t work for my Natural code.

But the following did work for my Natural code.

Window->Preferences->Java->Compiler->Task Tags