Deleting a Naturalone source just from local workspace

From Natural server, I have added a natural program to my local workspace.

Now I want to delete it just from my workspace not on server.

Please, help

Just hit the <DEL> key or right-click the object and select Delete, this will scratch the object from the local file system only, not the server.

Unmap the project from the server, Delete the program, map it to the server again.
BUT just to let you know - to have the sources just on the the server and not in the workspace,
is not the really good way to work with NaturalONE. Are you not using a repository ?

It depends on your preferences settings what happens if you delete an object in the workspace. See Preferences > Natural > Builder > Scratch server objects. If it is unselected, the object is only deleted in the workspace. Options are available so that it is scratched on the server side for shared libraries or for private libraries. Another option is available so that you have to confirm the scratch on the server side.

I am using GIT.
It was a mistake. I have added a wrong natural object.

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