Task Roles Groups and LDAP :)

I have a strange behavior working with tasks.
If i create a role (Static role provider) with a group (cn=FakeGroup, ou=Groups, o=system, 0=Webmethods Portal)
and then make an assignment to the role created to the task (i have created a BPM process with a step that create a Task),
the task placed have the folder “ASSIGNED TO”(in Monitoring->Business->Tasks->TaskListManagement) with the group associated to the role.
When I create a role (Static role provider) and associate it to a group (cn=ldapfakegroup,ou=fake,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=pt )
in an LDAP, the folder “ASSIGNED TO” is resolved to the role and not with the LDAP group.
Can you help me to solve with a solution?

We’ve attempted to make assignment pretty easy, but as a result in can cause the confusion that you’ve described below. When we get a string, we’re going to assume that this is some sort of UID.

We’ll try to search roles first, then users, then groups. If we find a role first, then we won’t keep searching.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for this information Mark! :slight_smile: This helps very well!:slight_smile: