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Hello, first of all sorry for my English, I am from Spain.

I’ve been working on a project with webMethods 6.1 for a couple of months, and I’m the only person on this team. The people on the team of this application have been changing over time, and with each change the documentation has been lost and today this documentation is quite ridiculous.

I have to reverse engineer what each part of the code does. More or less I can find the answers about each process, but there are some items that I cannot find, one of them is the task with the yellow icon traffic light.

I have the schema in webMethods Monitor and with this, I can assume that this icon is like a filter, but I need to know what exactly is the operation it does.

For example, in this scheme the icon says “Baja por donacion?” (In English it means something like “Drop out by donation?”) and there are two ways: YES or NO. Ok, I can’t find anywhere what this is doing. Obviously some field is being evaluated, but which one?

I have installed webMethods Developer on my PC and I am connected to the server and I can see all the packages. I can see inside the corresponding package some process of the schema, but not the semaphore icon.

Tried navigating the machine directories with WinSCP application but did not find this task, the semaphore.

If any of you could help me, I will be very grateful.

Thank you.

Hi there,
Welcome to the community and firstly your English appears excellent. You seem to be using a very old version of webMethods by the way. You’re using a version that predates the current Designer IDE based on Eclipse.

The schema you are referring to is called a BPM Model and is not editable from Developer, you need to install an equivalent tool called webMethods Modeler. However you will also need to retrieve the source code for this model if you want to edit it or support. Modeler also allows you to deploy the model to the BPM engine in your Integration Server (It’s called WmPRT and is shown under packages).

The packages that you see in Developer are the supporting packages that are generated in parallel to your model. Steps in the model represent actions, which can be wait, branch, join, publish and invoke.

invoke steps represents service calls in your package, hence you will see a service with the same name.
wait steps are represented by a document type in a trigger, you will find the trigger at the top level of your BPM package.
branch governs a split in the processing, parallel or exclusive. You will not see this in your package, managed entirely by process engine.
join steps represent what the process should do when receiving events from two different branches, AND, OR and exclusive OR. You won’t find any representation of this in your package.
publish step are where you publish document to entities outside of the process via messaging.

Your traffic lights is a branch step and so they only way you can see the details is to load the original process model into the webMethods modeller app. Hopefully you can obtain a copy of the original source model.

As an aside you need to report to your IT manager that this platform is no longer supported if this is running in production mode.
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I agree with John; your English is excellent. I’m amazed that 6.1 is still in use, brings back fond memories. I’ve attached 2 user guides from 6.5 that you can refer to.

The organization must seriously consider an upgrade, but it’s not going to be an easy one.

webMethods Process Run Time User’s Guide 6.5.1.pdf (763.9 KB)
webMethods Modeler User’s Guide 6.5.1.pdf (3.3 MB)

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Thank you both very much for your answers.

I have installed the webmethods installer webMethodsInstaller61.exe again but this time, instead of choosing the wM61_NT image I have marked the wM61_Modeler_6-1-5_NT image, and with that I have managed to open the WM Modeler, but the problem now is that I get an error message when I put the same host, port, user and password that says something like this: “The server is not a Modeler server”, I don’t know if it may not be properly installed on the machine.

You are missing a package, I think there is a WmModeller package that has to be installed. If you rerun your installer, you should see it in the list of packages to install.

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