Task Event using Task Expiration


I defined 2 events using task expiration

  1. The 1st event defines at queue time a task expiration based on a date field and sets the priority to low.
  2. The 2nd event changes the priority to medium when the task expires and defines a new task expiration 1 hour in the future. The condition is that the priority has to be low
  3. The 3rd event changes again the priority to high whtn the task expires. The condition is that the priority has to be medium.

I added a resume task to steps 2 and 3.

The problem is that the event 1 is executed but 2 and 3 not when the date defined in 1 is in the future. It seems like the scheduler nevers pick up the events. If I define a date that is before the current date, then the events are executed. If I see in the Monitor, the task appears as Active even when the expiration date has already passed.


I solved the issue. The problem was a bug in Designer. When adding multiple conditions in an event, instead of creating an AND it creates an XOR. You have to edit the XML manually.

Yes, this particular problem was addressed in Designer 7.2. You may consider upgrading to it.