Tamino TSD support of xml:id

Hello there !

I would like to know if Software AG is planning to support the xml:id attribute.

See : [url]http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/REC-xml-id-20050909/[/url]

When I digged into Tamino’s documentation, I found :

[i]In contrast to previous Tamino versions, both attributes, xml:lang and xml:space, must be explicitly declared in a schema. This can be done as follows:

namespace=“The "xml:" Namespace
schemaLocation=“…/ino:collection/xml_lang_space” />[/i]

I opened this “ino:collection/xml_lang_space” TSD file. The attributes lang, space & base are defined. Then I dared hoping that I could update this schema and add the xml:id (type xs:ID) attribute myself. But I got “Invalid define of system collection”. I guess that one cannot update any model from ino:* collections.

So it sounds like I have to wait for Software AG to implement / add this attribute to this xml_lang_space.tsd file.

Question : will Software AG implement this one ? Does Tamino 4.4 already support xml:id ?

BTW : my Tamino is version 4.2.

Cheers !

Hi Bertrand

in general, you can define your own schema for xml:lang, xml:space and xml:base. However, Tamino unfortunately rejects a schema defining any other attribute, including xml:id. This is still the behaviour in version 4.4. as released recently. This will be changed hopefully in the next update kit.

As of today, there are no plans to support the semantics of xml:id without presence of a schema.