Tamino DB on virtual duplicated machine

I have Tamino DB on VM(virtual machine) and for test purposes i asked Sys Admins to duplicate this Tamino DB machine so I will make my tests on duplicated machine Without effect on original DB.
After i got my duplicated VM with Tamino on it every action i make from Tamino Manager (Delete DB or create new one ) the action takes place on Original Tamino DB too(something like aliasing) Although this is two different machines with different IP addresses.
Any Ideias how can i make this two machines work Independently of each other?
Thank You!!

Presumably the node information specified for SMH Managed Hosts contains the node name and not the IP address. If both VMs can be addressed using the same name, the SMH commands are directed to both VMs. You could try to check this by adding another node under SMH Managed Hosts using the IP address.

You are right,
In SMH in Operating System Properties both servers are referensing to the same name of server(HostName node),
Is it posible to change HostName to another name?if yes how it could be done?
Tnx for your help!!

As far as I know the initial node in SMH cannot be modified.
But you can an add additional node definition that uses the IP address instead of the node name.
Of course, it would be better to configure the network in a way that both VMs do not share the same node name to avoid confusion at all.

You can change the node by using regedit to muck with the registry, but it’s been over a decade since I went through this painful process and I don’t remember all the places you need to change.

The Tamino/SMH installation procedure predates the common use of virtualization in the Windows/Unix world and doesn’t fit into a virtualized environment very well. A few years back I entered a suggestion on Brainstorm (or whatever that website was) that the installation be divided into the parts that could be shared between VMs and the part that needed to be specific to each logical instance, but nothing came of it.

In the future (at least until SAG changes the way Tamino is installed) I’d recommend against cloning a VM, and instead always install Tamino/SMH from scratch.

Tnx For Help!!