is it possible to run 2 installs of tamino on one server?

I am using Tamino v4.2.1.811 and am running on 64-bit Solaris 8.

My test system is installed on a /taminodata/sag/tamino mount point and the test databases are also on this filesystem.

My dev system is installed on a /taminodev/sag/tamino mount point and the dev databases will be on this filesystem.

SMH can only see one of these filesystems at a time. What do I need to do to be able to ‘see’ both filesystems.


Within SMH under Tamino there is a Location Management item. This allows you to add more than one location. Then you can create two databases one for development and one for test. When you create the database you are asked which location to place each of the individual container files and it will list all defined locations.

Hope this helps.

Thank you; that worked beautifully –