Failover installation with dual-ported raid?

Hi all,

is it possible to create a failover installation with one hot and one cold standby Tamino, each on one system connected to a shared raid? I don’t mean to synchronize databases but let two Taminos access the same physical database spaces alternatively?

IMHO if Tamino doesn’t write some installation specific signature to its database files it could be possible. Any experience or reasons why this could not work?

Of course both systems have identical operating system and hardware architecture. In my case it would be AIX 5L.

I think the best way (more easy) is to have the Tamino software (including related products) and the Tamino locations on shared disks to both machines.

In this way, you must only write some scripts to start the appropriate daemos and databases with argbatch (or using the autostart parameter). These scripts will be executed when the second box take the control due to first box crash.

Of course, the hostnames and IP address must be the CLUSTER hostname and/or IP address, so the installation is independent of the phisical box.

:rolleyes: I think it is possible to have two different software installations with only Tamino locations on shared disks, but maybe this way could be more complex. I’m not sure if could be enough to have the REGFILE in the shared disks, or it is neccesary any more.

Hope this help you.

I think there is such environment working here, in Spain, with Sun Solaris.