Tamino and virtualization

We’ve been virtualizing many of our services, so as a part of upgrading our Tamino installation I’ve been thinking of running Tamino in a virtual environment. (Since we run Tamino on Solaris, the specific virtualization technique is Solaris zones, but I would expect similar considerations with VMWare or Xen or other virtualization technologies.) I know that the web servers, XTS, and databases can be on different machines, and I’m considering running them on distinct zones (on the same physical machine.) Has anyone tried anything like this? If you have, do you have any comments or caveats?

Well, I’ve gone ahead and configured this for my test servers. I have my Apache web server running in one zone, the directory server (XTS) running in another zone, and the database in a third zone. It all seems to work fine.

Only two things gave me problems:


The documentation for running your Apache server on a different machine is in the section “Apache for Microsoft Windows