Tamino Command.Insert

Wonder if anyone can help me with this.

Im trying a simple insert of documents however I get two different errors depending on where the source code is run.

When the application is trying to insert into a remote server the code manages two inserts before the 3rd times out. This happens every time.

When the application is trying to insert into a local server the code manages 10 inserts before returning the error 403:Forbidden. Again this happens everytime.

I’m using Tamino .NET API 4.5.1 on Tamino Version 4.4

Any ideas?

            'Open the source document
            lobjXMLSourceDoc = New XmlDocument
            'Create and Open the Connection
            lobjTaminoConnection = New TaminoConnection(strURL)
            'Open the connection
            'Create the Command 
            lobjTaminoCommand = lobjTaminoConnection.CreateCommand(strCollection)

            For Each lobjNode In lobjXMLSourceDoc.SelectSingleNode("documents")

                'Create The XML Document to insert
                lobjXMLInsertDoc = New XmlDocument
                'Create the Tamino XML Document 
                lobjTaminoDocument = New TaminoDocument(lobjXMLInsertDoc)
                'Do the Insert
                lobjTaminoResponse = lobjTaminoCommand.Insert(lobjTaminoDocument)

                If lobjTaminoResponse.ReturnValue <> 0 Then
                    Throw New Exception(lobjTaminoResponse.ErrorText)
                    Exit For
                End If

                Console.WriteLine("Document Inserted...")

            mstrStatus = "Complete"
        Catch ex As Exception
            mstrStatus = ex.Message
        End Try

Is the web server that you are using IIS?

Yes it is IIS Version 5.1

It is likely that IIS is limiting you to 10 simultaneous connections.

It is likely that IIS has “Connection: KeepAlive” turned on too.