Problems with tamino connection

Hi to all,

I’ve got this problem: I need to make these 3 operations in sequence with a standalone application written in C#

  • Physical document upload (e.g. PDF file) in collection A
  • Upload of a xml document in collection B
  • Query to Tamino to update informations in collection A

If I try to execute these operations one by one they functions very well, but if I try to do them in sequence, the third one falls in time out.

I’ve tried to create 3 connections or 1 only connection for all, but it doesn’t function.
I’ve tried to disable the firewall and antivirus but nothing happened

I post part of the code to better explain:

  • 1 global variable for connection:
    TaminoConnection connection = new TaminoConnection(DBuri,userInfo);

-1st operation:

TaminoCommand command = connection.CreateCommand(“collectionA/nonXML”);
TaminoDocument doc = new TaminoDocument(fileS, sMimeType);
TaminoResponse response = command.Insert(doc);

-2nd operation:

XmlDocument data = new XmlDocument();
TaminoDocument tamdoc = new TaminoDocument(data);
TaminoCommand command = connection.CreateCommand(“collectionB”);
TaminoResponse response = command.Insert(tamdoc);

-3rd operation:

TaminoCommand command = connection.CreateCommand(“collectionA”);
TaminoQuery query = new TaminoQuery(queryString);
TaminoQueryResponse response = command.Query(query);

Can anyone help me?

Thank you anyway.


Hi to all,

some news about my problem: I’ve tried to run my standalone application in the same machine where Tamino DB is installed and surprise … the application functions very well, without problems.

Can anyone explains me why?

Thanks anyway.


Which version of Tamino are you using?

What is the stack trace that you get from the application?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using Tamino Server ver

The response I receive from .NET is:
"An unhandled exception of type ‘System.Net.WebException’ occurred in taminoapi.dll

Additional information: The operation has timed-out.".

The logs from Tamino seem to be corrects: all the return values are equals to 0.

Do you need extra informations?

It is possible that long running queries cause the HTTP communications layer to timeout.

TaminoCommand has a property (Timeout) that allows the user to override the default communication timeout (typically 300 seconds).