Tamino Client Define Method

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know how to use taminoclient.define() method? I think this is more acceptable way of deleting more than a million records inside a schema rather than using taminoclient.delete() method. It will save me a lot of cpu resources. I already tried taminoclient.undefine() method and its already working properly. Thanks you guys.

The define method takes an parameter which
is an element (the document element) in a DOM instance.
This DOM instance you must create by loading a Tamino schema into it. It is your responsibilty to make sure that the Tamino Schema is valid.

Thats all

There is another define() signature that takes collection and doctype parameters and I assume that overrides the values in the DOM instance. This probably won’t work for Tamino 3.1 TSD3 schemas.

public final TaminoResult define(org.w3c.dom.Element element)
throws TaminoError
Define collection/doctype with default collection and doctype.
element - the collection/doctype definition.
the Tamino Result Set containing the DOM Object
TaminoError -