a question about shema editor's define and undefine.

when I using tamino 3.11 ,I have some questions about “define” and “undefine” schema to the DB.

1. I found that when I define the schema to the DB, I can do it without password(username : administrator andpassword: “my windows logon password”). why?

is that mean that any user can define the new schema to the DB I made?

2. How can I do to update the schema to DB when I did some modification?

Current time,I undefine it first ,then define the new one in.

if I have to modified many schemaes,how can I do it quickly.

3.Can you tell me how to use “validata” function?

I am the beginner of the java and Tamino,so I hope to know much about them. thanks.

By default Tamino is not secured which means anyone can access any doctype in any collection. This means that anyone can define/undefine any schema as well. Please have a look at the documentation regarding security.

You can make certain modifications to the schema without having to undefine it first, a classic example is adding or removing an index. However if the modifications you make change the structure you will have to undefine it first before defining the new schema. This means any existing data will be lost unless you unload it prior to undefining the schema. This seems a pain but if you change the schema structure then the document structure for each document would have to be changed to reflect the changes made in the schema. I think for you though this is not an issue as you seem to be starting out with Tamino.

For defining the schema you can use the Tamino Interactive interface which probably the quickest and easiest way to do so. Of course you can use the Tamino Schema Editor and also the API.

For validating the schema: this can be done from the Tamino Schema Editor and also from the Tamino Java API. See TSchemaDefinition3Accessor define() method.