Loading Schemas without Schema Editor

I am evaluating Tamino v4.2.1 on Linux

I was wondering if there is an alternative way to create collections and load schemas inside Tamino, without needing to use the Tamino schema editor.

I am asking this becuase I need to be able to automate creation of collections and loading of schemas, on Linux, without needing to use the Tamino Schema Editor and other tools which work only on Windows.



first of all, Schema Editor and the other tools work on all platforms for which Tamino has
been released, unless stated differently in the Release Notes!

You can also use the Interactive Interface to defines schemas, or you can use the HTTP level
interface (see “X-Machine programming” section in the documention. The command
can be used to define schemas




yes - there are various approaches:
1) the mass loader by now allows to define schemas
2) send a _DEFINE command using an arbitrary HTTP client, e.g. one of the
Tamino APIs (Java, .NET, PHP, …)

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Just for reference, if you have your schema in file my_schema.tsd, you can define it using the following curl command:

curl -F _define=@my_schema.tsd http://server/tamino/mydb

Also, the Schema editor is written in Java, so you can run it anywhere you have a reasonably current JVM installed. I run it on MacOS X all the time.