ANT tasks for (un)definins schema's and (un)loading of data?

Are there any ANT tasks (see available or being developed for Tamino?

I’m working on a (Java/XML) project where XMLSchema’s change regularly and I’d like to “automate” the process of generating a Tamino Schema from an XSD, undefining the schema, defining the schema, converting the data and loading the data in Tamino.

ANT is a great tool to do such automatic processes. If no ANT tasks are available yet, I’m hoping Software AG considers adding them to a future version of the TaminoAPI4J or as separate utilities, because they can ease the DBA work on Tamino considerably!

Help/code/advise on this subject is welcome :wink:

You need to write two ant tasks yourself. One that uses a java program that undefines your schema and another one that starts the inoxsdconv.cmd.
Maybe you will need another java program that enriches your schema by doctype and index information.
To my knowledge there is no Ant interface to the TaminoAPI4J.

Hi Michel,

please find attached an ANT script, which I have been using to automate the process. I chose not to load everything in one step, but in seperate steps; for example: to undefine/define the schemas I would use the command “ant tamino.setup” or to export data I would use “ant tamino.export”, likewise I also have a step to convert XSD to TSD format (tsd.generate).

Hope this helps.

build.xml (5.04 KB)