Gene Ontology Schema

Hello all,

Can anyone help me in defining the attached RDF schema to Tamino as an XML schema.

After all is it possible to define such a schema as an XML schema or should I load the data as non-XML?

Eagerly waiting for help.

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go_200411.dtd (4.31 KB)

Hello Gopal,

Can you please send me the data ( Instances)

Prashant Jedhe

Hi Prashant,

I attached a piece of the original data. The original document contains a long sequence of go:term elements (which I would split up before loading, of course).

Thanks for help in advance!

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go_pieceofdata.xml (90.7 KB)

Hello gopal,

DTD provided by you, can be converted into 2 Schema.

1. go_200411.tsd
2. rdf.tsd

And there is cyclic import between these 2 Schemas. So you need to define them in a sequence.
I had enclosed 3 Schemas in an archive. Define them in the sequence mentioned below,

1. rdf1.tsd ( without any references)
2. go_200411.tsd
3. rdf2.tsd ( with references , so update the schema)

I am able to successfully load the schema’s and the instance file provided.

Prashant Jedhe (2.39 KB)

Hello Prashant,

Excellent trick! Thank you very much.

BTW, Tamino 4.2 supports XML data without schema (optional schema collections). In that case what are the advantages of defining a schema?

BTW, can we customize indices on a non-schema doc-type? ie., can I define standard index on some element and text index on some element and drop index on some other element etc. etc.

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Hi Gopal

> Excellent trick!
Unfortunately, this is the only way how to define a schema with cyclic imports
in Tamino 4.2. In the next Tamino version this will hopefully be improved!

> can we customize indices on a non-schema doc-type?
No, no physical+logical properties like indexes, mapping, collations can be
specified for schemaless stored documents. However, at least a condensed
structure index will be created.

Best regards

Hi Uli,

Thanks for the valuable info.