Defining Collections from a Unix environment

I want to define a collection to an existing Tamino database from a Unix environment. The Schema Editor seems only to exist for MS Windows. I’ve played around a bit with a few PHP scripts that seem to do this, but is there a command-line tool I can use simply to define a new collection? (Command-line tools to do all database administration would be ideal, but I think that may be asking for too much at this point.) Thanks.

Not sure about defining a collection from the command line. However, using one of the APIs (e.g. Java) would allow you write a simple program to do this.

However, argbatch is a command line utility to administer a database.

argbatch show commands product=Tamino user=… password=…

should show the available administration commands. The documentation should explain how to use argbatch.

Tamino tools do work on unix, you can use Tamino X-Plorer on windows/unix to define a collection in Tamino.

Hi cblair,
since the Tamino X-Plorer and the Tamino Schema Editor were written in Java, they are considered platform independent and also available on Unix machines. Normally they are accessible through the scripts and from the command line after the SAG environment was loaded.
If this is not the case, perhaps they were not installed upon user-request. Rerun the installation script and choose the Tools option (backup your databases first just to be sure).

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try the argbatch approach in a bit, as I’ll probably want to cron some backup jobs, but in the meantime I was successfully able to fire up both and (I was thrown off initially by looking in the download area for the Schema Editor and seeing only versions for MS Windows.) Thanks again.