define schema via http

i try to define a schema without using the tamino schema editor or the tamino interactive interface.
When i delete a schema it works with:

When i try to define this schema i use:
<A HREF=“http://localhost/tamino/db/ino:collection?_define=“c:\test\test-schema.xml”” TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/db/ino:collection?_define="c:\test\test-schema.xml"

i get the following response:
- <ino:message ino:returnvalue=“8906”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXSE8906”>XML parser failure for schema definition</ino:messagetext>
ino:messagelineLine 1, Column 0: unclosed token</ino:messageline>

any ideas, thanks for your help

What Tamino is complaining about is that the string that comes after the _define= is not an XML document which is true:
is not XML.

What should come after the _define= is the XML itself.

I guess the confusion comes from using the TII but this is a HTML form so when you click the button to define from TII, the browser reads in the file and appends it to the _define verb.

hope this helps.

i thought it could be something like this,
but does anybody know how the TII appends the file test-schema.xml to the _define verb.
When i use that file with the TII it works, so i’m sure that the file contains correct XML.

The TII is just a HTML form that does a HTTP POST.

The field for the “define” and the “process” are input type=“file” rather than input type=“text”. When you click to perform the define, IIS builds up a HTTP POST command with the body of the HTTP request containing name/value pair(s): the name is the Tamino verb and the value is simply the value.

In the case of input type=“text”, Internet Explorer simply appends the value of the text field to the name, e.g.

But for input type=“file”, the browser reads that file and appends the contents, e.g.:-
_define=<xml version=…

So this is something that is handled automatically by the browser and TII is just making a use of HTML forms.