Tamino Archiving and reduce DB size


so here in my new company we have a tamino XML DB, which has a size ~100GB. I think that is too much and so i want to reduce the database size. My plan is that every data older than f.e 60 days goes automatic to the archive.
So how can i do that? The archive is now in the database, so i want to make the archive indepentent and filled up with data automatic older than 60 days. Any howto´s or other documentation available?


There is no ready-made archiving tool available for this task.

For implementing the archiving logic, it will likely be necessary to explicitly copy the data to the archive and delete it afterwards. Tamino XQuery provides two functions for identifying documents by age:

  • tf:getInserted

The latter is missing from the documentation, but it is similar to the former, except it returns the creation timestamp of a document.

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