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Hi all,

I have a big database and I would like to remove all documents stored in my db before a specified date.
The xml documents don’t include any attributes or elements with tha date field.
How can I solve the problem ?


Right now the only way is to check the lasModified property of each document

It works like this

do the query doctype/@ino:id
for each node build up the URL like this
collection URL+’/’+‘doctype’+’/@’+ino:id
then do a HEAD on this URI and read the last modified date from the HTTP headers
If it is too old delete the document

in JScript DOM API it is something like this

var client= new TaminoClient(collectionURL,50)
var result= client.query(doctype/@ino:id);
while (result and result.nodes()) {
for (var i=0;i<result.nodes().length;i++){
var uri=doctype+’/@’
+ result.nodes().item(i).getAttribute (“ino:id”);
var r=client.head(uri);
if (!r.errorNo ) {
var date=r.getlastModified();
if (… date…) //too old


You can do a similar job with the other APIs or the new Java API

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