delete function


I’m trying to remove a very large amounts of data using the Tamino Interface.
I’m talking about 24.000 data.
After some minutes I receive from Tamino:
INOXYE 9493 journal space too small.
I increased the journal space dimension but the result is the same.
Must I use the Java Loader or I can use also the Interactive Interface setting some values in different way ?

P.S. I’m in a hurry so I delete the data using the between expression but I would like to know something about above.


Hi Cristian,

if you HAVE to use the Interactive Interface and it is not possible to increase the journal, you might consider getting the ino:id’s of your documents first and then try deletion of half of the documents with restriction by highest ino:id you want to delete.

(I’m sure that you would simply undefine and redefine your doctype, if you just want to clean it! :wink:

Maybe one of the tools provided in the download area here can do the job without counting ino:id’s!

Otherwise I would propose a minimal program that opens “small” transactions - say, deleting 100 documents in one transaction…

The Dashboard Utility does this by doing repeated deletions with groups of N ino:ids - where N is some largish number I can’t remember off-hand.

You can get it from the Jscript API Discussion group. If you have problems with it - post to that group.