JavaLoader unload


I have to unload a Tamino database with about 9.000.000 documents and I want do it to some documents(10) with massLoader format.
How can i do it?
I try unload all documents to one file but this throws an OutOfMemoryException.
Can i specify the number of documents i want unload? I need something like “first” and “page_size” params for tamino-xquery.

Thanks and regards

The memory behaviour of the first unload version
of the Java Loader utility was not very good.
This has recently been fixed, however, as a
workaround you can always use the -query option
to unload smaller parts of your data base.
-query '/*[@ino:id<100]'

will unload just those documents from your data
base with an ino:id value smaller than 100.

(do not forget to put the query into quotes.
otherwise your command shell will interprete the
less sign.)

Sven Eric

Thanks for your help Sven.

Finally y unload using:
-query /[@ino:id betw 10000,20000] because it runs faster than /[@ino:id >10000 and ino:id<20000].
I unload in 900 files because for about 20000 registers by file throws memory exception.

Thanks and regards.