Load performance on doctype with many indicies.

Hi all

Load times seems to grow exponentially when loading thousands of documents with many indicies.

I load the same 500 documents 5 or 6 times and each time the load time grows big time until the point where a timeout occours

Tamino v on win2000 Profesional
To me it seems that Tamino should be able to handle some 2500 documents without performance problems. The load is done using interactive interface and simulates online usage, so the massloader can not be used.
What am i doing wrong ?

try to use Tamino Data Loader: inoxmld.exe

find help in …/Tamino 4.1.4/Documentation/loaders/ugfastld.htm

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from our experience inoxmld is faster, It can also help to do backup, after a few loads since it cleans up the jurnal space.