Tamino 8.2 best configuration

We would like to upgrade our tamino server from 4.4.1 version to the 8.2 version.
After reading the requirements to run the Tamino 8.2 server (I will install it on a Windows Server)I would like to know what are best configuration for me in terms of Operating system(2008 or 2003 and what edition) , RAM Memory, CPU etc… the server is very heavy loaded by user sessions and they queries (there are 14000 users that can run queries)

When using Tamino on a Windows Server the 2008 Operating system should be preferred, because support of Windows Server 2003 will be dropped in the future.
Although there some enhancements for query optimization the Tamino 8.2 requirements for RAM Memory, CPU etc. are not different from those for Tamino 4.4.
Of course, when installing Tamino 8.2 the latest fixes should be used.