Upgrading Tamino from 4.4.1 to 8.2

We use Tamino 4.4.1 and we need to upgrade it to Tamino to 8.2
is where any special issues with this upgrade ? or it should work without special problems?

Upgrading a Tamino db from 4.4.1 to 8.2 without using 8.0 is supported by the set version function.
Of course it is always a good advice to use the latest fix when using the new Version.

I would also concur that applying the latest fixes should be done before attempting to set version. Some issues exist if the latest Tamino update is not applied. There are fixes for both Tamino and for the infrastructure components (SMH etc) and I would apply both.

My other recommendation is follow the documentation implicitly when upgrading.

Thank both of You for help!