Tamino 10.15 check schema


I have had to take over a server with Tamino 10.15 version (Windows 2019), is my first contact with the aplication.
A user has asked me how to see the “XSD schemas” in each of the databases.
I have seen that there is a tool called “Tamino Schema Editor” but in version 10.15 I think it is not available.
I have also seen that there is the “inoadmin” command but I have not seen in the help something that is related to schema.

Could someone help me to access to the XSD schema configuration?

Many thanks,

The Tamino Schema Editor should still be with the v10.15 release. Perhaps it was omitted during the installation process?

You may be able to use the Tamino Interactive Interface (browser based) to do XQueries against the ino:collection and related documents to view the contained schemas. Are you able to use “http://localhost/tamino” in a browser on the server machine?

Thanks for the answer Douglas. An user from development department has found a solution, by accessing with x-plorer

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