can't find DB from Schema Editor or XMLSPY

I am not able to connect to the database to define Schema. The error message is:

The connection to the server can’t be established.

[Details: unexpected end of file from server]

Some more details:

Tamino version
Tamino server is on: Redhat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server2.1
Tamino Schema Editor: running on Windows XP.
I use the Apache of the Linux, I am able to connect to my tamino server normally and I am able to run Tamino Manager as usaual.

Can anyone please help??

Best Regards,

Hi Gopal

is it possible define the schema via the Tamino Interactive Interface?
If yes:
- check the communication between the schema editor and the webserver
using an HTTP sniffer and possibly compare with interactive interface
(if you do not have one: there is a neat one available in the Apache AXIS project)

If no:
- check error message in TII

Best regards