Taking EDIFFSchema folder out of the WMEDIforTN package

I am working with WM6 TN and notice that installing a EDI document (per WM EDI Module TN UsersGuide, page 27) yields entries in package WMEDIforTN folder EDIFFSchema.
I am considering creating a separate package EDIFFSchema and folder EDIFFSchema to contain this stuff, so when I install a new EDI document type I would have to move it to the new package.
The reason is to keep the WMEDIforTN package as originally distributed to prevent the possibility of some corruption creeping in.
The question is, is this a good or bad idea to do this??

Hi Mike,

It looks like a no;yes idea. While you can certainly maintain the same as a separate one, it will be a maintenance nightmare if wM decides to enhance the schema later on in the subsequent releases.

If it is to remain static fairly, then it is a good way to do about it.

That’s my 2 cents.